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Listen Jalen, just because you have a contract with Puma does not mean they

make good shoes: Knox nearly ended his rookie season after hurting his ankle

BY HIMSELF while running on the court.

Jacoby is right: New Balance sucks and no one will ever buy them (same for puma).

I mean some ppl will buy them but it will be a very small proportion of the basket-ball

sneaker market.

Let's just be honest here

Fake New Balance 1400 W1400chs

. How cringe is it for a white man to say new balances ain't poppin in the

streets. and here I am in “the streets” and have seen a resurgence from new

balance. 10-12 years ago you'd get roasted for rocking NBs but trends change,

this guy is out of touch & we all

Should be happy that kawhi is securing the bag

The Department of Veterans Affairs has a contract with New Balance, James Worthy

had a signature New Balance shoe that is still $250 online, and lastly he took control

of his destiny financially speaking and image wise. How can an uncool loud mouth

that got hand a golden opportunity call someone else uncool. Yea I'm talking about

Jacoby. He reminds me of the unathletic statisticians that say a professional athletes

suck or are sorry when the make mistakes on the court. I'm like dude have you ever

made a team and no one sucks in the NBA. some players are just better than others

and light year better than 95% of people walking the streets.

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